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Your Reliable And Safety Assistant! – Marketing Article

Do you also think that Internet security is a myth? After all, more and more often, we find news about another data leak of users who used a particular messenger, browser or full-fledged Internet assistant. In this situation, it is complicated to choose a reliable Internet service that would not only provide full protection from external and internal threats but also provide a wide range of functionality. Therefore, we have decided to introduce you to a new and improved Internet…

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SEO competition research: The complete guide – Marketing Article

How to learn SEO competition research or in fact anything at all? Well, there’s actually doing it, of course. But doing it without knowing what to aim for and what’s actually working doesn’t do you much good. There’s, of course, reading about it. But as far as I’m concerned, the most effective way to learn to do something is to watch somebody do it well.  A large part of SEO efforts is about monitoring what actually works for other people in your…

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5 Content Marketing Strategies for Senior Living Communities – Marketing Article

A beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate senior living website is important for the overall user experience, but it’s the content on your site that drives traffic from the search engines, engages seniors and their families, and ultimately persuades them to take action. Here are five ways we use content marketing to help our senior living clients establish their brands, drive prospective residents to their websites, and exceed their census and acquisition goals. 5 Key Components for a Successful Senior Living Content Marketing…

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