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The future is now: 5 website design trends to help you stand out – B2B Marketing Article

Standing out amidst a sea of web designs can be a big challenge in 2019. Standardization of grid layout and widespread adoption of reliable frameworks such as Bootstrap have culminated in a new, ubiquitous style of website. In fact, some have pointed out that all websites look the same. As a reaction to this uniformity, many UX designers have made deliberate attempts to break the mold, creating an original web interface without compromising the all-powerful grid. Here are some great…

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Which Should You Use & When? – Marketing Article

What are you wearing right now? Wait, that was a little creepy. Let me reword that. Think about the outfit you’re currently wearing. What does your outfit say about you? Often times (whether right or wrong) people make a first impression based on the clothes you wear. They make assumptions about things like your style, your personality, your age, or even the type of impression you want to make. There are also different outfits for different occasions. For example, you…

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Why Your Custom Layout is Hurting Your Site’s SEO – Marketing Article

If you look around the web, there’s a serious emphasis on unique and innovative site design. Every company wants to have a website that sets their brand apart and makes visitors say “wow.” The problem is that with innovative layout and custom web design comes the potential for grave errors and missteps. And the unintended consequences of these blunders are often felt at multiple levels, including SEO, brand reputation, and conversions. 3 Common Reasons Why Custom Sites Fail “Custom design…

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