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Deliver Step Change Impact: Marketing & Analytics Obsessions – Marketing Article

Some moments in time are perfect to reflect on where you are, what your priorities are, and then consider what you should start-stop-continue. In those moments, you are not thinking of delivering incremental change… You are driven by a desire to deliver a step change (a large or sudden discontinuous change, especially one that makes things better – I’m borrowing the concept from mathematics and technology, from “step function”). In those moments – common around new years or new annual…

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The Impact Matrix | A Digital Analytics Strategic Framework – Marketing Article

The universe of digital analytics is massive and can seem as complex as the cosmic universe. With such big, complicated subjects, we can get lost in the vast wilderness or become trapped in a silo. We can wander aimlessly, or feel a false sense of either accomplishment or frustration. Consequently, we lose sight of where we are, how we are doing and which direction is true north. I have experienced these challenges on numerous occasions myself. Even simple questions like…

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Passive Consumption + Active Engagement FTW! – Marketing Article

Today something complex, advanced, that is most applicable to those who are at the edges of spending money, and thus have an intricate web of internal and external teams to deliver customer engagement and business success. The Marketing Industrial Empire is made up of number of components. If you consider the largest pieces, there is the internal (you, the company) and the external (agencies, consultants). If you consider entities, you’ve got your media agency, your creative agency, your various advertising…

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