Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Offices: A Solution for An Overpopulating Generation – Marketing Article

Photo Credit: Unsplash It’s no secret that a traditional office can be counterproductive in many ways. More often than not, a desk loaded with multiple computer monitors and stacked with dozens of files makes the worker less productive. While the big boys are going for open floor plans and game rooms, many studies suggestthat it can actually be exactly what is NOT needed.  And that is where the virtual workspace comes into the play. Rather than cluttering the desk with files…

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Embracing the Fourth Digital Transformation – B2B Marketing Experiences – B2B Marketing Article

  We are now at the dawn of the Fourth Digital Transformation. The disruption brought by digital is impacting existing business models like never before. And it is not likely to stabilize any time soon. The next wave of digital transformation is just around the corner… In this blog post I want to cover the following subjects: the fading of classic interfaces and the rise of new customer touchpoints the new-middle-man platforms, introducing new middle-man functions how to build a platform…

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