Video Marketing Tips

How to create and playback video within emails using Hubspot and Viewed – Email Marketing Article

Enhance your email marketing campaigns in Hubspot, regular or automated ones, with the best technology in the market to really embed and playback video within emails. Enjoy up to 10,000 video views per month with the free plan. You also need to download our module from Hubspot marketplace. You can find it in the email section. 1. Create your Viewed Account If you don’t have an account, create one here. By default, you will be logged in to the FREE…

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Personalized video in email smashes all results in digital marketing – Email Marketing Article

Unprecedented results in digital marketing with millions of smart, personalized and unique videos The latest trend in online marketing, delivers intelligent videos that are personalized automatically and in real time based on user’s browsing. These videos have shown unprecedented performance in retargeting campaigns, embedded in email, display campaigns and social networks We all like to be called by our name, to have coffee made to our liking in the usual coffee shop, short or long coffee, warm or hot milk,…

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