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Shared Short Codes for Text Message Marketing – Mobile Marketing Article

October 11, 2019 Video Lessons  In this blog article, we explain what shared short codes for text message marketing are. We look at why and for what kind of brands they are a good solution, and we discuss why they might not be a good solution for others.   What Are (Shared) Short Codes? Short codes are five to six-digit phone numbers that serve as a communication method for all kinds of brands and their customers. An example…

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4 Tips for Text Message Marketing Beginners – Mobile Marketing Article

September 26, 2019 SMS Marketing Misc., Video Lessons  In this post, we explain what you need to know if you’re just starting out with text message marketing. Here are 4 tips that can lead to SMS marketing success.   1. Short Codes for Text Message Marketing If you’re going to do text message marketing, then you first need to know what an SMS short code is. Short codes are phone numbers that have either four or five digits.…

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