Video Advertising

As YouTube opens up ad inventory on “edgy” videos, should advertisers bite? – Econsultancy – Marketing Article

Historically, brand safety has been a significant concern for advertisers and for good reason. The vast majority of brands don’t want their ads displayed alongside content that is objectionable – or even worse. Brand safety is so important to some brands that they’re making significant efforts to ensure their ad dollars aren’t directed to ads that they believe present association risk. FMGC giant Mondelēz, for instance, has moved to pre-bid blocking in programmatic markets because it wanted to eliminate the…

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How To Create VAST Tags – Mobile Marketing Article

A VAST tag is essentially a third-party ad tag generated by an ad server, except that it’s for video ads. VAST stands for Video Ad Serving Template. It enables video players to sync with ad servers, thus as an advertiser, you can serve ads into multiple ad inventories within video ad players. Put simply, it enables your video ads to appear correctly on video players, across different publishers and ad networks. As an advertiser, you don’t have to build your own…

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Why is it Important for Video Advertising – Mobile Marketing Article

We’ve all heard of VAST ad and VPAID, and how important adopting these standards are. What is a VAST ad or VAST tag? What is the difference between VAST and VPAID? And how it affects your ad operations? If you want to run video ads, it is important for you to understand the basics. It is palpable that video is an effective mobile advertising medium. For the past few years, video consumption is ascending quickly. Also, many advertisers and marketers have…

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