Verizon and Snap team up for Snapchat 5G augmented reality features – Marketing Article

Over the past few years, Snapchat has become one of the world’s most popular soft augmented reality tools, adding photo and video filters that apply special effects to faces or buildings in real time. Today, parent company Snap and Verizon announced a partnership that will leverage the latter’s 5G cellular network for new augmented reality features — an opportunity to make some of the mobile giant’s big AR promises actually come true. The deal makes Snap an “official 5G innovation…

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Verizon Plans to Add Fee to SMS Long Code Messages – Mobile Marketing Article

November 29, 2018 SMS Marketing News, Tatango News In November 2018, the news broke that Verizon plans to add a $0.0025 fee to SMS long code messages, and that the telecommunications company will start to implement this fee in February 2019. At Tatango, we often work with, and talk about short codes. However, the topic of this blog article is long codes. Before we discuss the upcoming long code fee from Verizon, it is important to explain in…

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