Unilog’s Core Values Foster Its Innovative Company Culture – B2B Marketing Article

A company’s values are the heart and soul of its culture. They affect every aspect of an organization and are the guideposts that keep everyone aligned, empowered, and mindful of their goals. Without core values, an organization can’t articulate who they are or what they want to be, which makes it nearly impossible to achieve their vision or purpose. Howard Stevenson, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, puts great significance on a company’s culture saying, “Maintaining an effective culture is so…

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Unilog EVOLVE 2019 Conference Recap – B2B Marketing Article

Innovation took center stage at this year’s EVOLVE 2019 event hosted by Unilog. Technology futurists, business leaders, and wholesale and distribution industry experts shared insight into the future of the B2B marketplace and stressed how innovation will be the leading cause of and solution to the impending market disruption. With historic New Orleans as the backdrop, Unilog’s fifth annual customer conference featured thought-provoking speakers, hands-on training sessions, and engaging panel discussions on a variety of topics and for varying skillset…

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