Three “head fakes” and three tech trends to watch out for in 2020 – Marketing Article

30-second summary: 4K/8K high resolution video is coming, and will eventually be part of people’s lives, but won’t mean much for advertisers in 2020. Smart advertisers have seen the value of 3- to 7-second ads optimized for mobile viewing, which yield a higher volume of impressions and encourage consumption of longer units in a different, more ideal setting. Voice search is coming, but it’s not going to be much use to advertisers – the largest existing channels are owned by…

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Non-obvious Digital Trends for 2017 – B2B Marketing Experiences – B2B Marketing Article

Predicting digital trends is something many bloggers turn to as we move from an eventful 2016 into the new year. When this type of content hits my inbox, I’m interested, but also often disappointed. The digital trends usually are a repeat of the obvious trends like “mobile is still hot”, or declaring the year 2017 as the “year of virtual reality”. Or they hit me at the other side of the spectrum: the predictions are way too futuristic or advanced for any…

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