What to Look Out for in Market Research in 2020 » Martech Zone – Mobile Marketing Article

What long ago seemed like the distant future has now arrived: The year 2020 is finally upon us. Science fiction authors, prominent scientists, and politicians have long predicted what the world would look like and, while we still may not have flying cars, human colonies on Mars, or tubular highways, the technological advancements of today are truly remarkable – and will only continue to expand. When it comes to market research, the technological innovations of the new decade bring with…

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Q&A with Tealium: Data regulations and the consumer experience – Mobile Marketing Article

30-second summary: Brands need to rebuild trust. In the wake of recent data scandals, consumers now expect to know exactly why their data is needed and what it’s going to be used for.  Legal codifications (like GDPR and CCPA) are an essential part of this process.  Shifting the balance of power from brands back to consumers will be a positive in the long run. Compliance may be tough, given the siloed data management practices present in many businesses.  It’s important…

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IAB Tech Lab releases ‘nutrition label’ for digital ad transparency – Mobile Marketing Article

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Technology Lab is out with version 1.0 of its Data Transparency Standard for the digital ad industry, and is launching a related Data Transparency Standard Compliance Program and seal. Nine companies were “architects” of the transparency standard and compliance program: 3W.relevanC, Dstillery, Epsilon, Hearst Magazines, LiveRamp, Meredith, Neustar, Oracle Data Cloud and Pandora. They have also committed to a pilot period for the compliance program. The initiative includes a web site for transparency in the…

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