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The Dos and Don’ts of Partnership Marketing – Email Marketing Article

With so much exposure to new information online and with so many ways to access it, businesses today are forced to compete with millions of other companies to grasp the attention of their target audience. So how do you get your business to stand out amongst the noise and also resonate with your consumers? One solution is to partner with another business that shares your company mission and to undertake a joint marketing campaign. As a small business,…

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How Do Canadians Plan to Watch the Super Bowl Now That Cannabis is Legal?  – Email Marketing Article

This year, we decided to run a social experiment with the ultimate goal of shedding some light on the impact that cannabis legalization may have on one of the most coveted entertainment events of the year – the Super Bowl. We polled one thousand Canadians to see how they plan to watch the game now that cannabis is legal, and discovered some interesting insights. The idea stemmed from consistent research on the impact that cannabis legalization has had…

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