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Why Emails Are Like Stairs—and How to Take the Next Step – Email Marketing Article

July 5, 2019 By Alice Li Email is constantly changing, with new trends and technologies making the news all the time. But it can be hard to understand whether that “next new thing” actually has an impact on your email programs. Everyone’s talking about interactivity and AMP for Email—should I be working on this now? Accessibility is a hot topic, so is that where I should focus? Truth is, whether you should focus on a trend or new technology depends…

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How to Track Your Email Campaign Performance Post-Click – Email Marketing Article

March 16, 2016 By Lauren Smith How do you measure the success of an email campaign? While your email service provider is full of great metrics like open, click, and spam rates, there’s likely a gap in subscriber engagement. What do your subscribers do after they’ve clicked through to your website? What pages are they visiting on your site? Do they spend time on a particular page, or do they bounce… This is only a snippet of a Email Marketing…

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Uncovering the Metrics Behind an Award-Winning Email – Email Marketing Article

March 10, 2016 By Lauren Smith Every interaction with your subscribers counts. Send emails that your subscribers want, that are relevant to their needs and interests, that excite them, and (most importantly!) that make them want to take action. Campaigns that accomplish all the above not only win the hearts and minds of your customers, they’re a win for your business. And we’re particularly proud of one campaign in particular that also won an award: the 2016 EEC Email Marketing…

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