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8 Different Startup Marketing Models And How To Choose The Right One – Marketing Article

To understand startup marketing, lets answer a few questions first.    Do startups need marketing?   Yes.   Do startups know how to market?   In most cases, no.   Do startups have the budget to hire resources that know marketing?   Usually, no.   Do startups have the budget for advertising?   No.   So what is a startup supposed to do? How can it generate awareness of its existence and open conversations? How can it convince that they…

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20 Free/ Low Cost Marketing Tools For Any Business Owner – Marketing Article

I am an independent Marketing Strategist. Why would a solopreneur like me need marketing tools? Only big brands and agencies need them. Right? Wrong! When you are a solopreneur, you are your own content writer, content marketer, social media manager, digital marketer, graphic designer, SEO expert, sales person, PR person, customer relation manager, etc. You get the drift. This is true even for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Consultancies, Agencies. For established brands too, sometimes budget constraints demand DIY marketing…

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