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How to make a brand an astoundingly valued asset – BBN – B2B Marketing Article

What makes a brand? Sounds like an existential question, doesn’t it? Only it isn’t. On face value, you’d say a brand is a “product manufactured by a specific company under a particular name” if you go by the Dictionary.  Dig a little deeper, and you know branding is beyond creating just an identity mark. It’s about how the world perceives your company and what it stands for. But often times, brands fail the test of time, or there’s a mismatch…

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Engineered from the ground up – Marketing Article

This article was originally published on LinkedIn. Often in the typical life journey of a startup, it all starts with a prototype and a burst of early adopters, who are your only customer base. This initial success is enough to light up the founders to do whatever it takes to showcase and validate the product-market fit, a crucial ingredient for venture funding and future growth. It is also a phase when things are engineered for survival. The feature definitions are…

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