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Data Enhancement Services for Higher Ed Enrollment Marketers – Email Marketing Article

Higher education email marketing can be quite difficult, particularly enrollment marketing and alumni marketing. The key for marketers in these fields is to use fresh, up-to-date data. Outdated databases can create disastrous results for any kind of marketing outreach, because they are essentially useless. Data enhancement services can assist in bringing these data lists up-to-date and bring your university more intelligence to the marketing efforts put forth by your team. Using data appending and data enrichment services can really freshen…

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Tips for Successful Drip Email Campaigns – Email Marketing Article

If you have not used automated emails in your marketing efforts, you should seriously consider it. On average, drip email campaigns generate 20% more sales opportunities than other types of email address list campaigns. This is because they are usually more personalized, timely and targeted emails. Sales Opportunities with Drip Email Campaigns What are drip email campaigns? Drip campaigns are a type of automated sales prospecting. They are a set of relevant emails that are sent out in a sequence.…

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