Success Stories

Topstep Scales Affiliate Revenue 66% – Mobile Marketing Article

Part training platform and part trading platform, Topstep provides individuals who are passionate about futures or forex trading with an opportunity to earn in the markets without taking on undue personal risk. To do this, the company provides capital to traders who prove their skill in the Trading Combine®, a real-time simulated evaluation account.  Topstep has been a TUNE customer since December 2016, when the Topstep affiliate program officially launched. Since then, the company has seen affiliate revenue grow each year…

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Ultimate Guide to Partner Marketing: Part 1 – Planning Your Strategy – Mobile Marketing Article

  Today I’m excited to kick off the first post in a new series on partner marketing strategies. This series will introduce key strategies covered in our newest e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Partner Marketing, and then bring those strategies to life with real-world examples. Follow us as we take an inside look at how these strategies work for big brands, small businesses, TUNE customers, and leading advertisers, agencies, and ad networks around the world. Let’s get started. Introducing the…

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