WizEmail Blog :: The Blessing Of Autoresponders – Email Marketing Article

The blessing of autoresponders is that, once they are set up, all the work is done for you, apart from reviewing it periodically to ensure everything is going well. Whether it will be a success or not will depend on the way you’ve planned it. It need not take long, but it will take application. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. For instance, the targets will be subscribers to your email marketing lists, so you…

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Learn From Your First Email Campaigns – Email Marketing Article

It’s an exciting time when trying something new. It is normally tinged with a bit of self-doubt; after all, what if you make a mess of it? A reassuring aspect of starting out in email marketing is that there is lots of advice and help out there, both online and from your email marketing service providers.  They will have told you how easy it is, because it is. Yet when you receive the returns from your first email marketing campaigns…

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Create lists for your summer email campaigns – Email Marketing Article

Have you ever forgotten the obvious items you needed for a holiday? It’s a rhetorical question of course. Who hasn’t started out for the beach looking for a shop that sells sun cream at a price which won’t make you turn red in the face? This is a gap that email marketing can fill.  I’ll run the risk of being thought of as having a beard and admit to attending a three-day folk festival in Yorkshire over the long weekend…

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