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Is Your Marketing Strategy Based on Your B2B Software Features? – B2B Marketing Article

Many of the B2B software and start-up companies I meet with have plans to expand their activity and enter international markets, based solely on their product or on a handful of features which they have developed. This is natural for a software company, as this is its primary focus – developing a software solution and expanding its capabilities by adding new features. Some companies do indeed have unique features. Sometimes a particular feature may have considerable business implications for the…

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Can Flexibility Be a Marketing Strategy? – B2B Marketing Article

Marketing strategy “Our system is flexible,” “We are very flexible,” “The system’s flexibility makes it suitable for any type of client” – do these messages sound familiar? Do you also find yourselves using them when you attempt to sell your B2B software solutions to clients, trying to emphasize your unique features? Each vendor may mean different things when they say “flexibility”. Some refer to changing basic system properties and policies without needing additional software development, others mean adding features quickly…

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Should I publish the price of my software in my website in B2B international sales? – B2B Marketing Article

B2B Software pricing One of the issues that B2B software companies, which are seeking to market their products in international markets are struggling with, is whether it is advisable to openly and transparently publish the software prices on the company’s website. There are three approaches: The first approach holds that prices should not be publicized, fearing that customers would be deterred by the prices even before they make contact with the company as well as in order to prevent exposure…

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