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Maintaining Company Culture in Times of Crisis – B2B Marketing Article

It’s a typical interview, and a business owner asks the would-be employee, “Do you think you would be a good fit with our company culture?” Or maybe the interviewee, given the chance to ask a question, chimes in, “Can you tell me a little about the culture?” With the attention we pay to “culture,” you’d think we were all amateur anthropologists. But there is a reason it plays a significant role in how we think about businesses today. Identifying and…

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Using Backlinks to Boost Your Website’s Ranking – B2B Marketing Article

High-quality backlinks can help you increase your SEO visibility, sales and more.  Maintaining a strong interconnected internal link structure improves UX and helps crawlers navigate your site and index it on Google.  Guest-posting opportunities are excellent chances to get new links from reputable websites.  Identifying broken links can help you build your links while opening the door for new opportunities.  If you’re a new business owner, chances are, you’ve heard other people talking about backlinks. You may even have a…

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Joining a Franchise Helps Develop Business Owners – B2B Marketing Article

Franchisees get more than profits. Many people may think that franchises are just a new way to make money. They believe you take an existing business model, drop it in a new location, and watch the profits roll in. But franchise owners walk away with more than profits. They gain a greater understanding of how business works through hands-on experiences. There’s a lot to being a franchisee. You have to follow company processes. You’re accountable for spreading the company name…

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