8 tips to speed up WordPress performance – Mobile Marketing Article

30-second summary: The faster your website, the higher your chances to engage with new visitors and potential customers. The closer a server is to your visitors, the smaller the latency they’ll experience. That’s why it’s key to know where most of your visitors are based to define your server’s proximity. The crucial aspect you need to keep in mind is the flexibility your theme provides: are you able to customize it and even to disable features that you’re not planning…

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Data-driven MTA: The only attribution model that counts – Mobile Marketing Article

30-second summary: The main value with MTA is to enable marketers to better distribute their spend and understand the true performance of every touchpoint. The linear model acknowledges that there is more to the customer journey than simply the channel the customer sees at the awareness stage, or that which they use in the step before making their conversion. Time decay attribution is often used with time-sensitive marketing campaigns or when businesses are looking to focus on channels which are…

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Retailers are competing with banks for top spots in credit card search rankings – Mobile Marketing Article

30-second summary: Adthena ranks SEM performance for companies across the credit card search landscape. Each brand’s Search Intelligence Scores were calculated by averaging three categories of SEM success including market leadership, search excellence, and brand ownership.  Bank of America top search results with a composite score of 94. U.S. retailer Kroger, ties with American Express and Chase for 2nd spot on their list. Major Credit card issuers struggle as U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo and Discover miss out on the top…

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