Split Testing

The Inherent Danger Of Using Simple Targets – Email Marketing Article

There’s a lot to be said for targets. With a clear goal, a team will have a focus they can concentrate on. There’s little doubt that having targets gives good results. After all, if your target is to increase open rates by 15% and you hit it, or even go slightly above it, you’ve made a success of that particular email marketing campaign. Most importantly, you can prove how effective you are. Targets can have a strong upside. With everyone…

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Can You Trust The Returns From A Split Test – Email Marketing Article

Split testing is just about as dependable a tool as we have for validating a change in an email marketing campaign. We have an original, the control, and we compare it to one, the variant, that has a single feature that is different from the control. It stands to reason that if the variant gives statistically better returns than the control, it is the way to go. QED and probably other initials.  It’s not quite that straightforward though. You should,…

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