How Your Employees Can Become Citizen Developers – B2B Marketing Article

The digital era is hurried and continually evolving. For businesses that are developing and implementing new technologies, it is a necessity to automate and optimize their processes in order to keep up. This ends up being a problem in itself, though, as professional developers are a finite and often strained resource, making app development difficult to achieve in a timely manner. In fact, over half of IT leaders claim to struggle with a lack of IT talent to keep up with the current…

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What’s Next for the Customer Data Platform Industry? – B2B Marketing Article

Customer success platform Gainsight recently released a Customer Data Platform module for its system. This followed Freshworks’ acquisition of Natero, another customer success platform that builds a unified customer database. Totango, another customer success platform, also positions itself as CDP.  There’s nothing questionable about these claims.  Customer success platforms were among the earliest classes of systems identified as CDPs. Like predictive modeling systems, they originally built a unified database to support their primary application and later recognized that the database…

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I’ll be at this year’s Business of Software Conference on 21-22 May. Will you? – Mobile Marketing Article

This will be my third visit to this annual conference organised by Mark Littlewood. And it’s always been a cracker – chock full of great content, good food, interesting conversations and actionable insights. This year we’re at the Barbican and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with everyone again. It makes a change to be at someone else’s event and not organising it! If you fancy a speaker slot, then there’s still just about time to apply for one…

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