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How To Easily Create Videos For Every Step Of Your Sales Funnel – Marketing Article

Video is a vital part of the marketing mix in today’s digital and social media landscape. In a recent Facebook Live video broadcast, I teamed up with my good friends at to discuss how video landing pages can boost your conversion rates by as much as 80%! What exactly is a video landing page? Keep reading to find out more… You can also watch the full video below to see some great stats and examples to encourage you to…

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Do Stickers Improve Your Facebook Video Ad Performance? A $300 Experiment by – Marketing Article

Stickers and GIFs make your videos more engaging. Ever since Instagram introduced this feature, people have grasped the opportunity to add a special touch to their videos. But here’s a question: however lively and engaging the videos with stickers might be, can they really improve valuable metrics for your business? In other words: do they work well for key indicators, specifically in video ads? We decided to find out for ourselves how much more “engaging” a video with stickers might be.…

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