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4 Tips for Text Message Marketing Beginners – Mobile Marketing Article

September 26, 2019 SMS Marketing Misc., Video Lessons  In this post, we explain what you need to know if you’re just starting out with text message marketing. Here are 4 tips that can lead to SMS marketing success.   1. Short Codes for Text Message Marketing If you’re going to do text message marketing, then you first need to know what an SMS short code is. Short codes are phone numbers that have either four or five digits.…

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RCS Messaging to Reach 24% of US Consumers by 2020 – Mobile Marketing Article

April 10, 2019 SMS Marketing Misc. RCS Business Messaging RCS business messaging is finally here, but how many U.S. consumers today can actually receive RCS business messages from their favorite brands? To answer this question, we reached out to the mobile marketing research experts at Mobilesquared, and asked them: What percentage of mobile phones today can receive an RCS business message? What is RCS business messaging? RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, and RCS messaging…

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What Does Premium Text Messaging Mean? – Mobile Marketing Article

January 25, 2019 SMS Marketing Misc. Did you ever wonder what the term premium text messaging means? In this article, we give you an explanation on what this form of mobile messaging was used for, and why it has mostly become a thing of the past. Read on below to learn more, or, if you rather watch than read, then you can view our video about this topic here: In December 2013, the decision was made by…

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