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Spy And Outgrow Your Competitors • Vasile Stoica – Marketing Article

In this increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, there are numerous challenges which companies face, and they adjust their marketing strategy to thrive in the demanding market. Stimulated by the consumer’s accessibility to smartphones and the internet, the e-commerce market is growing in leaps and bounds, making it crucial for every player in this industry to take maximum advantage of consumerism and generate the ROI when the sun shines. So how are your competitors’ overcoming this situation? What are their strategies?…

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Importance of Workplace Discourse in an Organization • Vasile Stoica – Marketing Article

Communication is the basic workplace skill, which adds value to the employers at every level of work. It builds social capital, problem-solving, transactional talk, decision-making, training, exchange goods or services, etc. Ultimately, workplace Discourse helps build mutual respect through proven social boundaries. What Is Workplace Disclosure? Workplace Discourse caters to the rapidly developing area of verbal and written workplace communication with a fresh approach to the research methods and key obstacles in the field. It provides a detailed view of…

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How SEMrush Is Going To Change Your Digital Business • Vasile Stoica – Marketing Article

Did you know? – According to Forbes, “There are almost 28 million small businesses in the US and over 22 million are self-employed with no additional payroll or employees.” Yes, most of the businesses are trying to engage in a career, where manual labor is destined to depart. With all tasting the goodness of education, we all look forward to making a lot of money with the internet with less manual labor. So, what does this data have to do…

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