Small business marketing

Catch the New Season of Small Business Revolution – Marketing Article

Small Business Revolution returns for its fourth exciting season. This year, marketing expert Amanda Brinkman, renovation star Ty Pennington and our colleagues at Deluxe visit Searcy, Arkansas. Their mission: help six small business owners overcome their most pressing challenges and assist the community of Searcy in revitalizing their town. In every episode of the eight-part docuseries, the team shares powerful strategies to improve the way these entrepreneurs market and operate their businesses. From a coffee shop in need of an email…

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Why A Small Business Needs A Responsive Website – Marketing Article

Responsive websites are a necessity in today’s digital marketplace. That isn’t surprising when statistics state that 51% of time spent online in the United States took place from a mobile device, rather than a personal computer. Your website should be mobile-friendly and responsive any time a user visits. Otherwise, you’re turning business away at the first click. What is Responsive Web Design? Though it is a common business marketing term, many small business owners still wonder what a responsive website…

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Startup Fundamentals: Turn your dream into a successful business – Marketing Article

Got a great business idea but not sure what to do next? Want to shore up the foundation of a business that you’ve recently launched? Have an unincorporated business that you want to formalize? Learn how to turn your idea, or your startup, into a thriving business with Startup Fundamentals. Entrepreneurship is rewarding, but it takes a lot of determination, planning and business knowledge to reach your dream. That’s why we packed this free eBook with expert advice, actionable tips, and real-life business…

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