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Benefits, stats, examples Search Engine Watch – Mobile Marketing Article

The last couple of years have made a few things very clear. If you have a business online, you need to make it your business to be mobile-first. Second, your mobile experience needs to be smooth and frictionless if you want it to translate into dollars. Lastly, smartphone users are super fickle and despite downloading over 113 billion apps in 2018, users still regularly use only about 9 apps per day. So, you need to be on mobile. You need to be awesome on…

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Why mobile first design is the only 2019 strategy that will work Search Engine Watch – Mobile Marketing Article

Everyone knows that mobile is red-hot right now. In fact, there is a pretty good chance you are reading this very article on a mobile device. And yet, like an old dog who just won’t learn a new trick, most people are still designing websites for desktop computers and then trying to make them work well on mobile devices. Square peg, meet round hole. Quite simply, it doesn’t make sense. Why would you create a website for a dying medium (cough, cough;…

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