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The Role of Gratitude In The Client-Agency Relationship – B2B Marketing Article

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of spending an hour with a group of men discussing gratitude — its role in our lives, how we should be teaching it to our children, its role in our religion (it was a prayer group) — and that got me to thinking about the role of gratitude in the Client-Agency relationship. Specifically, it got me to thinking — “How often (or maybe even have you ever) thanked your (speaking to myself) clients for…

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How You Can Leverage Empathy Based Sales Techniques to Schedule More Face-to-Face Meetings With Sales Prospects – B2B Marketing Article

What Are The Advantages of Face-to-Face Meetings? While everyone loves the ability of technology to scale our sales efforts, save time and my personal favorite, call on sales prospects all around the globe while sleeping in my own bed each night, the simple truth is, nothing closes a deal like a great face-to-face meeting with a prospect. In fact, I don’t think you can Sell Greatly without face-to-face interactions. Here’s why: Body Language: Even on a video call, you can’t…

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