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Why are you making PPC budgets so difficult? – Mobile Marketing Article

Setting a budget for your PPC campaigns is not easy. Too little and you’re selling yourself short. Too much and you’re literally throwing money away. Most tend to err on the side of caution here, with 40% of brands and agencies saying that their PPC budget is lower than it should be.  To make things worse, there’s no golden figure or right answer that comes to setting your budget. It’s all down to you. On average, SMEs spend between $108,000…

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Understanding the role of branded and unbranded search in the customer journey – Mobile Marketing Article

Understanding how to rank for both branded and unbranded terms in organic search is critical for marketers looking to build domain authority and capture share of search online. After all, over 3.5 billion searches are conducted each day on Google alone. When we talk about branded versus unbranded search, it isn’t an either/or proposition. Both are critical. But to rank in search results at moments of high intent, a business must have a strong grasp of the value of each…

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