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How to become a professional digital marketer – Mobile Marketing Article

With more brands than ever relying on digital marketing as their main form of advertising, it’s no surprise that professional digital marketers are in very high demand. In fact, Reuters reports that in 2017, digital marketing spending increased by 44 percent in the United States and to $52 billion in Britain. Globally, digital marketing spend is estimated to approach $100 billion. If you’re looking to work in an industry that continues to grow and provide numerous opportunities, digital marketing may…

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Google App campaigns expand to Discover feeds, AdMob testing ads on app loading screens – Mobile Marketing Article

Mobile gaming is a $68.5 billion market, with 80% or $54.9 billion coming from smartphone games and $13.6 billion coming from gaming on tablets, according to a Newzoo’s latest Global Games Market Report. In other words, it’s big business. Google has been focused on advertising opportunities for mobile games specifically and apps generally for several years. The company is announcing new inventory and features for app publishers and advertisers at Think Games at ChinaJoy, a giant conference for game developers…

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Google expands App campaigns search inventory on iOS browsers – Mobile Marketing Article

Google has announced that App ads will appear on more iOS mobile web browser searches. Accordingly, campaign reports will also include installs and in-app conversion events from iOS browsers. There’s nothing app advertisers have to do to gain access to this new ad inventory. Active App campaigns will automatically get the modeled conversions in the “Conversions” column of their Google Ads reporting. Advertisers that rely on third-party tools, however, should be aware that these conversions won’t be available on those…

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