Sales Management

Tomatoes don’t grow in winter: How sales leaders are building value and getting creative right now – Marketing Article

Although the weather is warmer and sunsets are later as spring marches on, it sure feels like winter almost everywhere else. If your prospects and best customers are hibernating (pausing new spending, preserving cash, waiting for clarity), you’re not alone. Of course, in the right conditions, plenty of crops still grow and flourish in winter. Which of your prospects and customers still need to buy? Find them, be proactive at engaging with them, sell with compassionate empathy. For the rest?…

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Top 6 Characteristics of a Successful VP of Sales – Marketing Article

By Lauren Dichter, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing The VP of Sales is one of the most important roles within a B2B company. They’re at the top of the sales totem pole (unless there’s a CRO) and are therefore the internal face of the organization’s success. But how can they ensure their Sales Development Reps, Market Development Reps, Sales Team Leads, Account Executives, Sales Team Managers, Account Managers and the like are working like a well-oiled machine? How can a…

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