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Why marketing fails and what to do about it – B2B Marketing Article

Eleanor, a key marketing executive at a middle-market company in the Southeast, sat at her desk and studied the numbers. Over the past few years, pressure had been ramping up, and leadership team meetings were an hour of the week that she dreaded. More questions, more demands for answers, more weight on her shoulders. The pressure to produce the revenue that the company needed to hit its quarterly number was unrelenting.

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Which Intent Data Use Case is Right for You? – B2B Marketing Article

Using intent data to fuel your marketing activities seems like a no-lose situation. It’s an opportunity to gain deeper insight into the behavior of individuals in your target audience. With that information at hand, you should be able to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities. At least that’s the promise of quality intent data. It’s why about half of B2B companies are already investing in intent data to some extent. But intent data shouldn’t be used as a magic…

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Sales Engagement – The Definitive Guide for Platform Selection – Marketing Article

Sales Engagement – The Definitive Guide Sales engagement, interactions between sales reps and buyers or customers, is overwhelmingly named by sales leaders as their top priority. They are focused on the quality and volume of sales reps engagement with buyers as they look to drive higher conversion rates and larger average deal sizes. Sales engagement is such a high priority that 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in technologies and methodologies to help their sellers engage effectively with…

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