Sales and Marketing Alignment

5 Strategies for Successful Marketing and Sales Alignment – Marketing Article

More often than not, there’s a divide between marketing and sales teams. For many companies, this just seems to be a fact of life. But why can’t marketing and sales get along? Usually, it’s because they aren’t really aligned.  Marketing and sales teams typically use separate processes, tools, and data, and they have different priorities. What all this means is that, in many organizations, marketing and sales work in different systems and use different data.  While this may sometimes allow…

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[Infographic]10 Reasons Why You Need A Lead Management Process This Christmas – B2B Marketing Article

As we come up to the end of the year it’s a time for reflection. So cosy up with a cup of cocoa and let’s think about what matters most this holiday season – just how effective is your lead management process? When lead revenue and profit are top of the marketing agenda, the pressure’s on to deliver performance marketing that demonstrates quick-fire success and an impressive ROI. But if the right lead management process is not in place, all…

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