How to increase revenue without increasing spend – Mobile Marketing Article

30-second summary: CallTrackingMetrics, an SaaS provider of call tracking and contact center solutions, published an e-book aimed at helping advertisers increase revenue from their digital ads. The e-book contains a 3-step approach to maximizing performance on digital ad platforms such as Google and Facebook with the goal of achieving better efficiency from your existing media budget. You can download the free e-book, The Digital Advertiser’s Guide to Uncovering Hidden Revenue Opportunities Without Increasing Spend, from ClickZ. CallTrackingMetrics, an SaaS provider…

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Media performance snapshot & preparation for late 2020 – B2B Marketing Article

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, albeit at differing rates globally, a high proportion of marketers have seen media budgets reduced or even stopped altogether, but pre COVID-19 targets remain constant. Using a combination of external research and internal analysis of our trends across the Ledger Bennet client base, here’s a snapshot of the current state of media spend and the opportunities arising from this shift. Our media and strategy team recently ran a detailed client all hands on the subject…

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Accelerating the Revenue Engine | Ledger Bennett – B2B Marketing Article

Having built the foundation for a successful revenue engine, what happens next? By this time you should have a clear revenue objective that’s been widely communicated.  Existing silos between marketing, sales and customer teams should be in the process of being removed and gaps in the funnel and opportunities for automation from technology should have been identified and implemented. But how do you go about accelerating the revenue engine? Rapidly increasing top line profitability is becoming ever more challenging.  Simply…

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