Retail Marketing

How can grocery retailers maintain momentum post lockdown? – Mobile Marketing Article

The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly had a major impact on British retailers, with consumer behaviour quickly changing to adapt to the new rules and regulations introduced by the UK government.  According to the Financial Times the impact on the economy of Covid-19 was undeniable, with retail sales and business activity contracting at a record pace. In fact, the volume of British retail sales dropped 5.1% in March, the largest ever drop recorded by ONS. However, it wasn’t retail as a…

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Why retailers need to market their business via SMS – Mobile Marketing Article

There are lots of ways retailers can market their business, and it can become a minefield of sales and marketing personnel trying to tell you why their way is best.  With so many options around, from PPC, email, magazine and print, radio, billboards, social media… The list can go on and on. Which means it can end up being a very expensive exercise for retailers to find the right marketing solution for them.  Magazine and print used to be the…

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