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How does Yesler’s own martech stack up? | Yesler – B2B Marketing Article

You’ve got a martech stack, but you aren’t sure it’s meeting your needs. As the VP of Sales and Marketing here at Yesler, I was in the same position. For a relatively small company (Yesler has 230-ish employees, whereas many of our clients have thousands), we actually have a fairly robust tech stack. Here’s a look at how we positioned it for our entry into the Stackies this year: Still, when I kicked off my 2019 planning last December, I…

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Want customer clicks? Start by questioning your solution-based marketing strategy | Yesler – B2B Marketing Article

There’s a reason that click bait, listicles, and fake news inspire some thumb-stopping headlines. They promise an answer to a burning question we have (or suddenly realize we have). Even before we asked the question outright, someone offered an answer we’ve been looking for to make our jobs or lives easier or better. Zeitgeist and trending memes aside, at the core there’s something magical at work here with this predictive Q&A approach. As marketers, this is something we routinely forget.…

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