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Using WordPress to Power Your Digital Marketing – WordCamp NYC 2019 Presentation – B2B Marketing Article

Please click the link below to download the slides from Andrew Schulkind’s presentation at WordCamp NYC 2019. It includes tips on powering your digital marketing with WordPress and related tools, as well as general digital marketing strategies. Using WordPress to Power Your Digital Marketing (PDF) A video recording of the presentation will follow when it is made available by WordCamp NYC organizers. (It’s an all-volunteer event, so please be patient.)     This is only a snippet of a B2B…

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How to Build Trust in Your B2B Digital Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

If you find that your website is not converting as well as it should be — or as well as you’d like — the issue may be a failure to establish trust with your target audience. Here are a few of the ways you might be hindering your own efforts. Asking Too Many Questions “I understand that anything I say can and will be used against me.” That’s your prospects’ default expectation. If your site looks at all sketchy, they’re…

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Forget Content. Conversion is King for Digital Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

After 23 years in digital marketing – last month was our anniversary! – we’ve seen and heard a lot. Like the “content is king” mantra alluded to in the headline above. And we’ve heard just about every possible reason from clients for why they want to build or update a website. Some have wanted to change the world. A few have be dead certain that once their site launched, riches and retirement would follow, probably within days. (And we could…

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