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How to Write Compelling Brand Content: Using Rhetoric in Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

Rhetoric in the context of marketing is likely to be initially met with a sense of unease. For many, the idea of rhetoric takes them back to a high school or college Language Arts course, with the instruction focused on how to communicate persuasively in order to manipulate others’ thinking in favor of your argument.

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4 Tips on Developing Empathy for Someone Who Irritates You – B2B Marketing Article

People who are five minutes late to every meeting. People who keep meetings five minutes longer without regard for others’ schedules. People who don’t include a conference call-in number to meetings. People who reply-all unnecessarily in emails. That person who never says anything at meetings. That person who talks too much at meetings. The list, unfortunately, goes on and on—irritating tendencies of your colleagues. People don’t always have the luxury of liking everyone they work with, and that’s mostly okay.…

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INBOUND19 Top Ten Highest Impact Influencers and Contributors – Marketing Article

Last week, 26,000 marketers, agencies, salespeople and business owners from around the globe gathered in Boston, MA for top marketing automation company HubSpot’s annual mega conference, INBOUND. For the third year in a row, yours truly was the #1 highest impact and highest economic value influencer on Twitter. I reeeeeeeaaally dislike ‘tooting my own horn,’ tbh. Nonetheless, here goes. I’m delighted with this accomplishment, as I know my community receive great value from the content I carefully curate and create…

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