How Engaging are Your Push Notifications? 5 Keys to Success – Mobile Marketing Article

In this year’s Mobile Growth Survey, 72% of respondents said they largely rely on push notifications to motivate mobile users to re-engage with the app. Mobile marketers clearly know push notifications are important. But there are two catches:  Only 43% of respondents said that they always or often allow an app’s request for push notifications. 71% of mobile users aged 18 to 34 said that they get annoyed when they get too many app notifications.  Bottom line: Without properly asking…

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Mobile App Retargeting: Benefits and Best Practices | The Branch Blog – Mobile Marketing Article

Many mobile users, myself included, download an app as a result of a specific offer, need, or use case. But after that first open, 1 in 5 users forget about that app entirely. To prevent this churn – and make sure users return to apps and convert – mobile marketers and product managers have to create effective strategies for retargeting those app users. Let’s set the stage with a definition. What is Mobile App Retargeting? Mobile app retargeting refers to…

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