Q&A With ADP’s Sarah Schreiner: How To Make Your Customer Advocate Community Service Your Entire Business – B2B Marketing Article

You may have heard of customer advocacy and see it as a function belonging solely to Marketing, when in fact, its results can be used to bolster other departments like Customer Success, Sales and Product Development. A well-managed customer advocate community can be your go-to source when you need anything from referrals, to references, to reviews, to candid feedback on your product or services. We wanted to hear from the community management pros about the strategies that helped them guide…

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Career Growth Tips from Thomas Pan @Twine – Mobile Marketing Article

Thomas Pan currently heads up mobile user acquisition marketing at Twine, a popular fintech app that helps people save and invest for their financial goals. In his career, Thomas has worked in several different industries including banking, gaming, ride-sharing, and healthcare. We caught up with Thomas to learn about his career path and what he learned along the way. How did you get started in mobile? After college, I joined Bank of America as a corporate financial analyst. The work…

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Q&A With PowerDMS’ Ray Lau: Why A Customer Advocate Community Is The Cheat Code For Growing Your Business – B2B Marketing Article

According to Forrester, we are in the age of the customer, in which buyers, empowered by technology and social media, possess control of their own journeys. To avoid getting left behind, companies need to embrace this shift by looking to their customers for insights on how to improve marketing, product development and customer success. An online community is the place to establish the customer connections needed to keep up with the changing marketplace. In our recent “Ask the Community Experts”…

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