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5 ways to create a customer-centric narrative – Marketing Article

Narratives compel us. They’re familiar. They’re memorable (22 times more memorable than facts, according to one psychologist). So it’s no wonder that in an era of constant digital sharing and connection, companies who master brand storytelling are achieving – and maintaining – a global following.  Businesses can engage with potential customers and make lasting impressions if they tell compelling stories about who they are and what they represent. But too often, brands focus their stories on promoting their products/services. They…

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Ratings and reviews sites: The new B2B marketing channel – B2B Marketing Article

A new mechanism has emerged to help B2B buyers who are searching online for products and solutions:  Ratings and reviews sites, where searchers can find out what their peers are saying about prospective products and suppliers, and compare product features head to head.  Just as consumers use Yelp and TripAdvisor, business buyers can check out G2Crowd, TrustRadius,, Capterra and others.    These sites work best in fragmented markets, where it can be hard to stand out among the many…

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