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Smart Pacer, a smarter way to deliver ads – Mobile Marketing Article

When it comes to daily ad spend, app marketers care about two things: delivering ads in the most efficient way and hitting daily spend caps. Unfortunately, this has been a mutually exclusive proposition as marketers are forced to optimize for one or the other: Pace spend aggressively to guarantee hitting daily caps by overpaying for users and miss out on potential quality users later in the day Pace spend conservatively throughout the day, driving better value and risk not hitting…

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[Product Update] Use Keyword Spy & Research to Rank at the Top – Mobile Marketing Article

All ASO warriors know that one of the most challenging parts in ASO is finding the right keywords to target. Countless brainstorming sessions will help you come up with the most related keywords. But how to discover the least competitive ones that are both related to your app and users actually search for? MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence is the best answer to that question, and we make sure that answer never changes with frequent updates. To make keyword discovery easier and…

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An Inside Look At the Call of Duty: Mobile’s Ad Strategy – Mobile Marketing Article

Since its release on October 1st, Call of Duty: Mobile has become one of the most successful launches in the history of mobile games. The game rose to first place in both overall and games categories in as quick as 24 hours! Category Ranking of Call of Duty: Mobile in the U.S. Not to mention it has achieved all that although it wasn’t available in China, its native country. As it’s been one and a half months since the launch,…

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