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Make the Move to Audience-Centric Content in 6 Steps – B2B Marketing Article

Buyers always want to know “what’s in it for me?” Answering with product-centered information is a surefire way to lose their attention in a hurry. It’s so important that I decided to revisit a SiriusDecisions presentation about its Go-to-Market Execution Model in 2017 that helps ensure you’re transforming product-centric content to audience-centric engagement. The Go-to-Market Execution Model delivers a blueprint to operationalize sales, marketing and product alignment to grow the business faster with audience-centric messaging. Marisa Kopec, VP, Innovation and…

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B2B Marketing Academy | Product Marketing Is for the Curious: An Interview with Karen dela Torre – B2B Marketing Article

Share Tweet Google Plus Share Email Print Interview with Karen dela Torre, VP of Product Marketing at Workday We’ve been interviewing great marketers to gain insights on what draws people to this profession and how they succeed. No one does it better than the wonderful Karen dela Torre. Karen has served with Fortune 100 high tech brands and now serves at a growth software company that’s shaking up the industry. With no further ado, meet Karen.   How did you…

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