Product Development

Smart Pacer, a smarter way to deliver ads – Mobile Marketing Article

When it comes to daily ad spend, app marketers care about two things: delivering ads in the most efficient way and hitting daily spend caps. Unfortunately, this has been a mutually exclusive proposition as marketers are forced to optimize for one or the other: Pace spend aggressively to guarantee hitting daily caps by overpaying for users and miss out on potential quality users later in the day Pace spend conservatively throughout the day, driving better value and risk not hitting…

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The 5 Stages of Customer Centric Design – B2B Marketing Article

Great user experience hinges on your ability to understand how consumers think. It’s all well and good if your product feels intuitive to you, but if your customers don’t feel the same way, they won’t continue using your platform. Involving your user base directly into your design processes is necessary to ensure your product’s user experience is as logical and pleasing to customers as possible—because it will be built around insights sourced directly from them. We’ve been doing this for…

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