Why Using a Personal Email Address is Bad For Business – Email Marketing Article

As a small business, chances are you skip out on a lot of the official red tape that comes with conducting business like the larger organizations in your marketplace. While handling your social media accounts without professional assistance or building your own website might work out some of the time, failing to have a branded email address can be a disaster in the making. To help small business owners understand the repercussions, we’ve listed the top five reasons…

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6 Campaign Best Practices for Content Marketers (Part 2 of 3) – Marketing Article

This is NewsCred’s 3-part series on integrated campaigns for content marketing. In Part 1, we built the business case for an integrated approach to content marketing. In this follow-up, we offer you the NewsCred perspective on campaign best practices for content marketers. Next time, we’ll provide you a ‘how to get started’ guide, answering your most frequently asked questions such as how to obtain buy-in, collaborate with new teams, establish the right processes, and much more. Let’s begin with a…

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[Case Study] How GE Healthcare Operationalized Content at Scale – Marketing Article

As marketing organizations mature and scale, the importance of harmony (and flexibility) across people, process, and platform will continue to grow exponentially. And with a buyer journey that is as complex as ever — requiring various touchpoints across multiple channels — it’s essential to enlist the help of the right technology. We had the privilege to sponsor and present a case study at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2019 with Mary Litteer, GE Healthcare’s Global Head of Content, who provided insights on…

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