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How to Create Graphics with DesignCap that Can Be Easily Used on Social Media or Website in Different Sizes » Martech Zone – Mobile Marketing Article

There is no doubt that you can engage more followers and subscribers for your social media with a beautiful social media banner or you can attract more visitors to your website with an appealing graphic design. DesignCap is an amazing tool that gives you the opportunity to transform a very simple image into an attractive photo graphic. Wish this tool, you can create graphics for social media or website content in different size. Let’s see how to use it to make a…

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Social Media Image Dimension Guide for 2020 » Martech Zone – Mobile Marketing Article

It seems every week that a social network is changing layouts and requiring new dimensions for their profile photos, the background canvas, and images that are shared on the networks. Limitations for social images are a combination of dimension, image size – and even the amount of text that’s displayed within the image. I would caution against uploading oversized images to social media sites. They use aggressive image compression that often leaves your images blurry. If you can upload a…

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Social Media: 3 Tips To Better Connect With Your Customers – Mobile Marketing Article

In essence, social media is a two-way street, where brands can go beyond traditional push marketing, and truly engage with their customers to develop loyalty over time. Here are three tips your company can use to better connect with your customers on social media. Tip #1: Set Up A System To Never Miss A Notification If you are publishing high-quality content on your social media accounts and growing your audience substantially, chances are that your followers and your customers are…

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