People-Based Attribution

How to Drive Installs from Facebook Advertising – Mobile Marketing Article

Facebook is an extremely effective channel for reaching new audiences – largely due to the sheer number of users. Here’s the proof: According to Statista, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users as of Q4 2018. For marketers and product managers, Facebook represents one of the world’s largest pools of potential app users primed for acquisition. Even more compelling? The population of Facebook app users shows no sign of slowing down: The app was among the top 5 most downloaded…

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Mobile App Retargeting: Benefits and Best Practices | The Branch Blog – Mobile Marketing Article

Many mobile users, myself included, download an app as a result of a specific offer, need, or use case. But after that first open, 1 in 5 users forget about that app entirely. To prevent this churn – and make sure users return to apps and convert – mobile marketers and product managers have to create effective strategies for retargeting those app users. Let’s set the stage with a definition. What is Mobile App Retargeting? Mobile app retargeting refers to…

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