Paid User Acquisition

Apple Search Ads: How to Optimize Keywords – Mobile Marketing Article

Apple Search Ads are the only ads allowed to show up directly in the App Store. They appear in the first search result spot in order to push both brand awareness and app installs. The success of an Apple Search Ads campaign relies heavily on selecting the right keywords. Keyword optimization can really make or break an entire campaign. That’s because Search Ads operates on a bidding system. App developers and marketers place bids to run ads for certain keywords.…

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7 Best Practices for Maximum Ad Performance – Mobile Marketing Article

The app market is saturated. I’m sure you already know that. There are more than 5 million apps available for you to download and use today. If you’re an app developer or marketer, that’s great news but also challenging news. How do you cut through the noise and get people to download your app? One of the most effective ways of bringing in new users is paid user acquisition (UA). Google Universal App Campaign (UAC) or Google App Campaign, is…

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