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Current Trends in Digital Marketing in the Charity Sector – Marketing Article

The world needs charities and not-for-profits more than ever. Read this practical guide exploring how charities can be using digital marketing to raise awareness, build their volunteer base, and most importantly generate funds. Charitable digital marketing campaigns play an essential role in fund raising, building the volunteer base, generating awareness and profile building. Every charity needs to the precious funds to deliver their mission.  Whether it is the largest charity in the UK, Cancer Research or a small local charities…

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Google Analytics demographic data on age, gender and interests – Marketing Article

Demographic data is a lot more valuable than you may think. It can help shape your website, paid advertising channels and even your overall business model – and it’s readily available. By identifying the overall behaviour of different demographic groups, based on age, gender and interests, you can tailor your website and paid online advertising towards them. How much demographic information is available on Google Analytics? Google Analytics has a wealth of free information about the different demographics who visit your…

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3 Ways to Boost PPC Performance Using First Party Data – Marketing Article

Learn how to improve your Google Ads by incorporating your own first party data from your CRM, email marketing and Analytics. This step by step guide demonstrates 3 practical ways companies are currently using data integration for smarter advertising. The most valuable data available to any company is that collected from its own audience. First party data is collected through analytics platforms, subscriptions, sales data, incoming call data, resource downloads and more. While there are GDPR limitations with first-party data,…

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